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The Health System Is Sick A Quick Reflection

You may have heard this already… recent numbers show $3.3 Trillion dollars (Trillion with a CAPITAL “T”) is spent in the US on Healthcare.  That’s $10,300 per person per year.

Are we the healthiest country in the world? Not close (we’re not even in the top 10).

Then you realize we spent twice as much per person compared to every other country in the world, yet we are less healthy, more sick.

What gives? Well, if you look at where the $3.3 Trillion is spent, 72% goes to Physicians and Hospital Systems. What about Physical Therapists? 2%… And that includes ALL Physical Therapists.

Money is going to invasive care: medications, injections, surgery, and the irony is that oftentimes this leads to comorbidities and ultimately higher healthcare expenses.  In spite of what certain healthcare companies will claim in their  Public Relations – promoting health and wellness –  the numbers indicate otherwise.

As Physical Therapists and Physios, we are at the bottom of the totem pole. Our Plans of Care are relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of surgeries and injections, let alone the long-term costs of medications, yet per dollar, we provide some of the most significant outcomes in healthcare.  We help people get healthier… naturally.

Flipping the Pyramid is about making Physical Therapy and conservative care the forefront of healthcare, specifically musculoskeletal treatment. Not only more people are getting sick… the Health System as a whole is sick.