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“Higher PT is a hybrid practice. It is the best arrangement we can make in order to provide the type of therapy we think that our clients deserve. We work with Medicare and out of network with the other major payors.”
At the heart of Higher Physio lies a set of core beliefs that define the practice’s approach to care. Central to these principles is the long-standing adherence to empowering patients to unlock their body’s potential. Julie believes in the transformative power of personalized care, recognizing that each client’s journey is unique. Her work extends beyond the treatment room, it’s about guiding people towards informed decisions about their health. This duty is not just a professional ethos; it is a guiding philosophy that equips patients with the required information and tools necessary for sustained well-being. She collaborates with her patients throughout their time at her practice, which lets them make the most of their patient experience.

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Education is a cornerstone of Julie’s practice. An informed patient is an empowered patient drives the team to share their expertise, ensuring that individuals understand their conditions and effective treatment plans. By fostering a culture of learning, her practice goes beyond providing temporary relief, it equips patients with the skills to make lasting changes for their well-being. The practice is dedicated to creating an environment where patients not only receive care but actively participate in their journey to optimal physical health.

Julie gets enjoyment from educating her patients and feels like the best treatment is natural treatment. Avoiding medication or surgery is something that people should always opt for, before making any permanent decisions that cannot be undone. She has a conservative mindset where she firmly does not go down the route of pills, injections or surgery.

People deserve to make their own decisions about their health care, but shouldn’t be pressured or pushed in a certain direction by any doctor or therapist. Julie has tried to teach her patients about their bodies and about what their diagnosis means and what this treatment means. People do not always have a full understanding when they receive a diagnosis because they don’t get a lot of guidance elsewhere. This mindset resonates with those striving for relief for immediate concerns and produces a framework where empowerment, personalized care, and informed decision-making converge to redefine the standards in physical therapy.

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