About Us

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Higher Physical Therapy was created by Julie Zapata, a licensed PT for 22 years.  Ever since her first job, Julie noticed the limitations that the system placed on good therapists and doctors and wanted to make a difference.  She has always intended to provide the highest level care, no matter the obstacle. Since 2000, insurance limitations have only gotten worse.  Therapists and Doctors have even less time to spend with patients and less choice.  Many providers and patients have realized that our healthcare system is broken.  Higher PT is a hybrid practice.  It is the best arrangement we can make in order to provide the type of therapy we think that our clients deserve. We work with Medicare and out of network with the other major payors.

Higher PT is a general practice for all adults and children who have a physical need. We provide New Yorkers with a way to become and stay active and healthy without depending on medication and surgeries. All of the therapists in the practice are dedicated to their own optimal physical health, and educate all of clients with their expertise.

June enjoys working with older adults.  She loves interacting with them.  She learns from them and they learn from her unique approach to exercise, manual therapy and healing.

A patient can call our office or book him or herself online anytime. On an initial phone call, the following information may be provided:

In your 1st visit you’ll receive:

  • a full body evaluation and movement assessment
  • a hands-on treatment
  • a customized home self-treatment program, including appropriate therapeutic exercises for you to do on your own at home
  • a plan on how often and frequent you will need to follow up to solve this problem

Our 1st goal is to help you decrease the pain and symptoms you are experiencing. The 2nd goal, once your pain/symptoms are under control, is to find the root cause of the issue and correct it. Goal 3 is to help you make your body stronger and more resilient so that there is a much less likely chance of this occurring again in the future.