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Foot Pain

Foot pain can significantly impact your mobility and quality of life. Higher Physio specialize in addressing foot pain with a personalized and broad approach.
If your pain is related to conditions like plantar fasciitis, injuries, or other factors, Julie and her team are dedicated to creating targeted treatment plans to bring quick relief. The plans are a combination of specific exercises and counsel for lifestyle modifications. This not only alleviates foot pain but also addresses the reasoning behind the pain, promoting a long-term recovery and improved mobility.

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The journey to overcoming foot pain begins with identifying the specific factors contributing to your discomfort. Patient education is important, ensuring you have a deep understanding of your condition and are actively involved in your healing process. The goal is not only to provide immediate relief but also to prompt you with guidance to prevent future foot issues. Experience empathetic care and personalized solutions for foot pain.

Our expertise in assessing foot pain encompasses hands-on therapy and specialized exercises which are inclusive of the treatment plan. This intends to alleviate the symptoms but also focuses on looking at the catalyst of the foot pain, achieving long-term recovery and improved mobility. If a patient is experiencing pain associated with chronic conditions, injuries, or other factors, they can expect a customized process that impacts a major change towards the path to improved foot health.

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Alleviating foot pain is a specialized focus, where a nuanced and understanding process is applied to address the myriad factors contributing to discomfort in the feet. Julie and her dedicated team recognize that foot pain can arise from various conditions, including biomechanical issues and plantar fasciitis, and their commitment lies in providing the correct and efficient solutions.

Here at Higher Physio, the team are always looking at people’s footwear and educating them about the way the foot is naturally meant to move. In your shoes the feet are not moving the way they are meant to, especially in older people. There are around 50 joints in the foot between the toes, the metatarsal and the calcaneus and they will stiffen up if you don’t proactively work on your feet. Walking or running is not always sufficient, sometimes you need to just be in the comfort of your home and massage your feet. Or use some tools to keep the feet flexible, which is what you could easily be implementing in your daily routine.

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