$470 Fee Covers 3 Sessions Plus Orthotics:

First Session

Posture and gait analysis plus orthotic fitting. Discussion of footwear. 60 min.

Second Session

Delivery of and modification of orthotics and discussion of wearing schedule. 30 min.

Third Session

Follow up, any wearing or biomechanical issues. 30 min.

Some insurances will reimburse a partial amount. TBD on an individual basis. (Medicare does not cover, unfortunately).

PRI Orthotics are shoe inserts that change the mechanics of the feet and lower extremity to correct foot function. These custom made orthotics highly conform to the shape of the foot, non-compressible to provide support and flexible to allow a normal gait cycle. They are designed to be highly controlling and matched closely to the foot and shoe to achieve this goal.

They are different than traditional orthotics in that the material is less firm, allows for movement, and is corrective in nature. It does not just accomodate the position your foot is already in.

To obtain these custom orthotics for our patients, Higher Physical Therapy uses a foam impression system. Using our thorough knowledge of anatomy, we align the foot, knee and leg in optimum position & we will obtain relevant information such as your shoe size, type of shoes worn, diagnosis, activity level and type of sports participation, if any.