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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

We accept MEDICARE and other insurance with out of network benefits. Many carriers do, such as Cigna, GHI, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare. You may be covered up to 80%. We do not work with Medicaid, Fidelis, Health First .

Fees may vary based on your condition, complexity and time required. We are reasonable and flexible, and if your finances are limited, we can talk.

Why are you out of network?
Most insurance companies do not pay for a full hour with a therapist. That is why many places use aides and assistants. Insurance companies low-ball therapists and doctors and this drives professionals to see more patients, quantity over quality, so to speak. Higher Physical Therapy feels that the best and only way to treat is one-on-one, for results.
What is deductible and how does it affect me?
Even if you do pay a lot for your insurance plan, and have a gold or platinum level, chances are that you have a deductible. If you have a $200. deductible, it means you have to pay the first $200. yourself and then you would just be responsible for copay. We make this easy by submitting your insurance claims electronically for you.
How long is a session?

Generally, an hour. You will be treated by the same therapist every time. You will be treated as an individual.

You can even book a low price mini consultation if you cant decide if PT is right for you.

How many sessions will I need?

Once or Twice a week is generally recommended to make progress toward your goals, whether your injury is new, acute or chronic. Regular care is especially important post-operatively. Often, after once patient and therapist have established a program, visits can be less frequent, biweekly, or monthly, even.

Honestly, though, It is impossible to say, without meeting you, face to face, what your best treatment plan will be.

Since cost is often a factor: consider that you may be able to do some of the work at home, on your own, or with a trainer or Pilates instructor. You and your therapist will get to the source of your problem a lot quicker with one on one care.

Do I need a prescription?

New York State has direct access. You can see a PT without a prescription for up to 30 days or 10 sessions. Any Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Dentist can write you a script. It does not have to be a surgeon or specialist, although if you have had a recent trauma or surgery, it is helpful.

Medicare requires a prescription though. They are most strict on this. However, once received, your script could be valid for 90 days.

What should I expect on my first session?
You and the therapist will have a thorough conversation on your current physical problem as well as your general state of health and fitness. Be prepared to have your affected body part or region seen and touched for a complete physical examination. Be prepared to move, and be an active participant in your hour long session.
What should I wear / bring to the first session?
Comfortable loose clothes which will allow your skin of your affected body part to be exposed. Please bring any x-rays, MRI’s, relevant diagnostic tests or reports, including referrals, if you have one, to your first session.