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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be a significant barrier to an active and fulfilling life. Here at Higher Physio, we focus on addressing knee pain with a personalized and holistic approach.

While your pain could stem from injuries, arthritis, or other reasons, Julie and her team are committed to guiding you through a tailored rehabilitation plan. A wide-ranging approach combines hands-on therapy and lifestyle recommendations to not only alleviate knee pain but also to address the underlying causes and promote long-term relief.

The journey to recovery starts with a detailed analysis to identify the specific factors contributing to your discomfort. Julie’s practice emphasizes patient learning, ensuring you understand the intricacies of your condition and participate in your healing process. The goal is to not only provide immediate relief but also to engage you with the awareness and tools to prevent future issues. You can experience the expertise and personalized care you need to overcome knee pain and regain the freedom to move without limitations.

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Knee pain is a common pain point. Manhattan is mainly concrete-based, so people are pounding the pavement. A lot of times, it is imperative to look at the individual’s patterns of where they walk and what their daily routine is. A patient’s footwear is also important as it can impact on the knee.

As a practice, orthotics are available. Our team sees the knee as being directed by the foot. When the foot hits the ground, and if the foot is not in the correct position (turned in or turned out), then your knee correlates with that and be out of alignment. Your kneecap may go toward the inside or the outside and rub, pinch or cause cause pain. That is called patellofemoral syndrome. It is very common among walkers and runners.

People can also develop tightness in their hips from sitting. The hip can direct the knee and cause problems; it is important to understand it is affected from different places, such as the hip and the foot.

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The process of easing knee pain begins with an examination designed to identify the specific reasons which cause discomfort. This procedure ensures each patient receives a treatment plan uniquely set out to cater to their needs and circumstances. The plan places a strong emphasis on educating patients, assuring that individuals have a full sense of their condition and actively participate in their healing journey.

If the knee pain is a result of a sports-related injury, degenerative conditions, or other causes, patients can expect the right care and support. Julie’s practice stands as a dependable practice for those looking for a natural fix and recognizing the ways to find a resolution which therefore gives people the opportunity for elevated health and wellbeing.

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