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Post Op Pain

Post-operative pain can be a significant challenge on the road to recovery after surgery. Higher Physio specialize in assisting people in their post-operative rehabilitation journey.
If you’ve undergone orthopedic, neurological, or other surgical procedures, Julie and her team are here to provide distinguished care. This involves an evaluation of your post-operative condition, allowing them to create a rehabilitation plan that supports the healing process and minimizes pain.

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The team prioritize patient comfort and encouragement during the post-operative phase. Through hands-on therapy, targeted exercises, and ongoing support, it is intended to not only alleviate pain but also to enhance the healing process and go back to normality. Our expertise extends across various surgical procedures, and the practice collaborates closely with your healthcare team to ensure a seamless continuum of care. Guidance and expert care on the journey to recovery from post-operative pain is a priority.

Following surgery, as soon as it is safe to come in for physical therapy, a visit to Higher Physio is essential. A patient should inquire for assistance, especially if they have had a joint replacement, such as a knee or hip. A doctor is responsible for replacing your joint, but the rest of your body needs to learn how to integrate that new part. For example, while things may be focused on the knee, foot or hip, your whole body is going to need some adjusting to help recover. Even more simply than that, after surgery they will likely have swelling, pain, redness and sometimes it can be tender to touch. Some people have a fear of touching their skin after surgery as they may have scars, or an incision.

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To have Julie or her team members check the areas that have been operated on is a good place to start. Then the mobilizing of the area is the next stage and then this helps speed up healing which prevents long-term disability. This makes you feel lighter and more able to move. You can often feel heavy or stiff and achy, and if there is something wrong after your surgery then Julie and her team are here to help you with even the simple or the most technical aspects.

The care Julie’s team give can ease a patient’s pain and help them to feel a lot better physically and mentally after this kind of surgery.

Patients undergoing post-operative rehabilitation can expect a professional, compassionate, and goal-oriented approach. The practice stands as a supportive partner in the recovery journey, providing not only physical rehabilitation but also emotional support.

Our commitment to ongoing training and staying ahead of advancements in physical therapy ensures that patients receive the latest evidence-based practices, making Higher Physio a trusted resort for those looking for an in-depth recovery from post-operative pain.

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** Note: there is no treatment given at one of our taster sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

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